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PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality headsets are head-mounted accessories that allow you to experience a game in Virtual Reality.


With glasses that completely enclose your eyes, ambient sound and motion controls, they quite literally let you experience the game as if you were "inside" it. 


These headsets were pioneered by the Oculus Rift, which released for PC in 2016. Not to be left behind, Sony launched its VR headset for the PlayStation 4 in the same year.

Boasting an OLED screen for high definition graphics, precision tracking, and over 200 games, the PlayStation VR has sold more than four million units worldwide. 


While you can use the Dualshock to control your movement like any other Playstation game, the headset can be paired with the Move Controllers, allowing you to play in VR with motion controls to complete the experience. It is also compatible with the Aim, a light gun that allows you to aim and fire in the compatible VR shooters.

As previously mentioned, the PS VR´s default motion controller is the Move, which Sony repurposed once their headset came out. The Move is a pair of wand-looking controllers that you track your hand movements. While they are meant to be used with VR, there are a handful of games that use them without the headset, like the Just Dance games.

An important caveat to remember is that both the PS VR and the Move (even without the headset) need another accessory called the Playstation Camera to work. The kits provided above come with a camera included, but if you want to buy one independently, follow the link here to the Amazon store.

Playstation VR bundles
VR bundles

The PS VR is sold with a variety of bundles. They include the headset, the Move controllers, the PS camera and a game or two depending on which bundle you buy. Like most combos, they are cheaper than buying each individual accessory and game on its own. Click on the name of the bundle or its picture to go to its respective offsite store.

The Aim
The Aim

The PlayStation Aim is a controller designed to look and feel like a gun.  This controller is made to bring a more immersive experience in the compatible VR shooters. Click on the name of the bundle or its picture to go to its respective offsite store.

Charging Station
Charging Station

Just like there are charging stations for the regular Dualshocks, there are stations for the Move controllers as well, and some include a stand to put your VR headset too. These gadgets charge your controller when not in use so you don´t have to worry about their batteries ever again. Click on the name or the picture of each charging station to go to its respective offsite store.

Charge & Display Station
Charging stand for a Dualshock controller and two PlayStation Move. Has a stand to hold the VR headset.
PSVR Charging Stand
Charging stand for two Dualshock controllers and two PlayStation Move. Has a stand to hold the VR headset and headphones.
Asterion Products
Move Charging Dock
Charging stand for PlayStation Move
VR Showcase Stand Plus
Charging stand for two Dualshock controllers, two PlayStation Move. Has a stand to hold the VR headset, and the AIM controller.
Collective Minds

The Playstation VR is a great way to experience VR games on your Playstation. It is also the only way to experience VR on your Playstation, so if you are interested in the technology or in immersing yourself in your games, they are your only bet on the console.


That said, with great motion tracking, high definition lenses and a sizable gallery of games, the Playstation VR has nothing to be jealous of from its peers on the PC. VR games are still a bit "green" on the market, and there are quite a few details to polish, but it´s a great experience all around, if a bit expensive. If you are interested, we have a comparison between the PS VR and the Oculus Rift on this very page.

You might also be interested in the regular controllers the Ps4 has to offer if so, check our list here. Alternatively, if you are interested in immersing yourself as much as you can in your games,  you might want to try more specialized controllers, like the driving wheels and flying joysticks available here.

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