Xbox Accessories

On this page, you´ll find a collection of accessories available for the Xbox. Stands and mounts to place it where you want, travel cases for when you travel, headphones to listen to the game and hard drives to increase the console´s memory. Click on the name or picture of each accessory to go to their offsite store page.

Stands and Mounts

Don´t like to leave your console lying on the floor like it was a piece of trash? Then a console stand is for you.


These are accessories that allow you to prop up your console and put it in a more aesthetically pleasing or less cumbersome place. Depending on the stand, it may be able to carry more than the Xbox and do additional things, like charging controllers and cooling your console.

Travel Cases

For people who travel a lot and feel uncomfortable just tossing their Xbox in their luggage, these cases allow you to put the Xbox One, and maybe some controllers, in a neatly packed container.


The case makes it easier to carry your console and it protects it against impacts, so you don´t have to worry about it on your travel.


They come in a variety of sizes. Check out the characteristics to see how much each case can carry:


Put them over your ears to be able to hear the game´s sounds and music. Most come with a mic included for online chat.


There are a lot of models available. Some are cheap and basic, meant to only hear the game and nothing else. Others, more expensive and premium, come with a noise-canceling design and specially cushioned loudspeakers so that they remain comfortable even after hours of play.

Headphone Adapters

You might already have a wired headset that works with your computer but is not compatible with the Xbox One. To circumvent that, there is the Stereo Headset Adapter. This device lets you connect a non-compatible wired headphone to your Xbox One.


Hard drives are external storage units that increase the amount of memory that your Xbox has. If you are running out of memory, a hard drive will let you expand your collection without having to delete your old games.


The Xbox One has a variety of accessories to customize your experience. Be them mounts that let you put the console on a more convenient place, hard drives to install more games, travels cases to carry your Xbox wherever you go and headphones so you can listen to the game audio with crystal clarity without bothering anyone.

If you want to check the accessories available to the Xbox´s controllers, follow this link. We also have a page that list the controllers available for the Xbox.