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All you need to know about charging a Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the more portable alternative to the hybrid console that is the regular Nintendo Switch (and the OLED Switch). As such, it can´t connect to the TV, and it has no dock, meaning that it charges via an AC cable.

This means that the charging procedure is a bit different from the regular Nintendo Switch, and there are a few questions and problems that might arise from it.

How long does the Nintendo Switch Lite take to charge?

There isn´t that much of a difference in charging times between the regular Switch and the Lite version. Once plugged in, both take around three hours to get a complete charge, assuming you used the official adapter.

A complete charge gives from three to seven hours of gameplay, depending on what game you are playing. About two hours less than a regular or OLED Switch.

Other charging methods might take longer as the cable has less power capacity than the official accessory.

Can I charge my Switch Lite with my phone charger?

Yes, so long as it´s an Android phone. You can charge any model of Switch with a USB-C cable. This means that all Android phones should be able to use their charging cables on the Switch Lite.

iPhones, however, use the Lighting Charger. Without an adapter, they won´t fit into the Switch´s USB-C port so they are incompatible with the Lite.

Just because a phone charger works on the Switch, it does not mean that it will work just the same as the regular AC adapter. As we mentioned before, phone chargers tend to have less "capacity", so they will charge more slowly. In some cases, they will not be able to keep up with the battery drain if you play while they charge.

If you want to have decent charging speeds, you will need a 5-volt (V) charger capable of producing 7.5 Watts (W) of power. This isn´t that hefty of a requirement, most chargers that advertise themselves as fast should be able to have this level of output. But, they will still probably be a tad slower than using the official AC adapter.

Can you charge a Switch Lite on the Dock?

No. The Nintendo Switch Lite is simply incompatible with the dock. It lacks the necessary hardware to connect to it, so it will not charge even if you force it into the dock somehow.

Instead, you can buy a charging station or portable dock like this one to do the same thing. The Lite will still not be able to connect to the TV, but at least it will recharge its batteries.

Why won´t my Switch Lite charge?

The usual reason a Switch Lite won´t charge is because the AC adapter is not plugged in correctly. To see if that´s the problem try to unplug it, wait thirty seconds, and then try charging the Switch again.

If your console is still not charging, then try turning the Switch completely off by holding the power button for twelve seconds and then turning it back on once more.

Of course, this is the first thing almost everyone tries. Odds are you already saw that page on Nintendo support and got no results. The next step is to determine if there´s a problem with your Switch or your charger.

Try plugging in your Nintendo Switch Lite to a computer or power outlet using a USB-C cable, like those used to charge Android phones. If the console begins to charge up, albeit slowly, then the problem was in the original charger. To fix it, it´s easier and cheaper to just buy a new AC adapter for the Switch Lite.

If the console still isn´t charging, then it´s likely to be an internal problem. As such, any potential solution should pass by Nintendo´s support. You should send the Switch to have it fixed. While the problem may have an easy fix that you can try yourself, if something goes wrong then you will lose your console and your warranty if you still have it.


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