Xbox One Controllers

Wireless Controller

This is the default controller of the Xbox and Microsoft´s flagship gamepad, updated for the new generation of the Xbox Series X (dubbed the "core" controller). Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, it works on Windows 10 and compatible tablets and smartphones. It comes in a variety of colors and models, there are even a few third-party models. To go to the Amazon store page for each one, click on their names or pictures.

Elite Controller

The Elite controller is a more advanced model of Microsoft´s Wireless Controller. With interchangeable paddles at the back, hair-trigger locks, premium materials, and an app to customize sensitivity, buttons and more, this is an advanced controller for people who like to play games competitively or want to mold their controllers to their preferences. 

Microsoft released the Series 2 Elite in November 2019. This upgraded version of the controller is more customizable and has a battery that last longer.


Another option for controlling games on the Xbox One is the classic keyboard and mouse. Not all games are compatible with this alternative, but for the ones that are, this combo brings the precision of the mouse with all the buttons of the keyboard. You can also use it to chat in online games.

The Xbox is technically compatible with all wired keyboards and mice, so, if you want to check our selection of those, go to this page.


However, if you think that having a whole keyboard a controller is too cumbersome, there are keypads. These controllers are stripped-down keyboards containing only the essential buttons for online play.


Almost like a gamepad, you can play with the keypad in one hand, while the other drags the mouse. The main downside of these controllers is that you lose the ability to type in the chat, as they only have half the letters than a regular keyboard has.


Here are the keypads compatible with the Xbox, click on the name of each accessory to go to their offsite store page:

Comes with a mouse and has 4 extra keys.
Has a wireless mode and 4 extra programmable keys. Comes with a mouse.
Keyboard and Mouse Set
Comes with a mouse.
Wired Controllers

If you don´t want to worry about battery life or having any sort of input lag between your controller and the console, there is an alternative, wired controllers.


Unlike their wireless cousins, these ones are connected directly to the Xbox (or the PC, in some cases), so all you have to do is plug and play.


Unlike their wireless alternatives, there are a lot of third-party wired controllers available for the Xbox One. Some offer functionalities that the official gamepad doesn't have, while others are simply cheaper imitations of the original. Here´s the list of compatible wired third-party controllers:

Wolverine Ultimate: 6
Comes with four additional triggers on the back and remapable buttons.
Wolverine Tournament Edition: 4
Has "Hair Trigger Mode" for rapid fire and remapable buttons.
Has an audio jack. Designed to look like the controller for the original Xbox.
Duke (Green limited edition)
Has an audio jack. Designed to look like the controller for the original Xbox. Is Transparent.
Wireless Controller plus Cable
The official Xbox Controller plus a cable to connect to the console
Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller
Fighting Commander
Designed as a hybrid between a classic gamepad and a fighting stick
Enhanced Wired Controller
Has an audio jack for headphones and a 3m cable. Has rumble capacity.
Has an audio jack. Designed to look like a controller from the NES era.
Prismatic Wired Controller
Has an audio jack for headphones.
Wired Controller
Has an audio jack for headphones.
PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller
Controller Adapter

Do you have a PlayStation in addition to your Xbox? In that case, this adapter will let you play with your Dualshock controller on your Xbox One:


The Xbox One has a sizeable collection of controllers to play with. Microsoft itself offers a fine range of options, and it´s default Wireless Controller does the job pretty well.


If you want a more premium experience, Microsoft even offers the Elite controller to satisfy even the stringiest gamer.


However, If you prefer a wired controller, so you don´t have to worry about battery life, there are a lot of third party alternatives (and even a cable for the Wireless Controller) that can satisfy that need.

The Xbox One is also compatible with multiple keyboards and mouse for those who grew up with the PC or want to play MOBAS and shooters more competitively. If you find the keyboard too cumbersome, then you can try a Keypad, which basically combines a gamepad with a keyboard.

There is also a selection of more specialized controllers, like flying sticks or wheels, on our page here. If you are interested in the accessories for the Xbox One itself, here we have a good list, with things like stands and headphones.