Complete Guide of Nintendo Switch Controllers


The default controller of the Nintendo Switch is the Joy-Con.  Two come in every console (a right one and a left one), and they can work in tandem or separately depending on the game.

Each one has an analog stick, four face buttons, a plus or minor button and two triggers. They come with a battery that recharges when connected to the Switch. They have gyroscopes an accelerators that enable them to register motions.


If you want to play games that use motion controls on your Switch Lite, you will have to purchase an additional Joy-Con, because that version of the Switch doesn´t come with them. The Joy-Con comes in a variety of colors and themes. You can check the complete list of Joy-Con in the following link, including custom ones not manufactured by Nintendo: 

Joycon Image by Enrique Vidal Flores

The Grip is not a controller on itself. It is an accessory that you pair with the Joy-Con. If you rather have a more traditional gaming experience, the Joy-Con can be attached to a Grip to form a more classic gamepad. Some Grips are especial, as they can charge your Joy-Con while in use.

Grip Image by Enrique Vidal Flores
Pro Controller

While there is nothing wrong with the Joy-Con, you might want a more "normal" controller for a more traditional gaming experience. If that´s the case, the Pro Controller is for you.


The Pro Controller is a gamepad that looks and feels like its peers from the PlayStation or Xbox. Its tradeoff with the Joycon is that some games just don’t work with it, like 1-2 Switch, Super Mario Party or Just Dance.


There are a variety of official and unofficial Pro Controllers. The unofficial third-party controllers can have the advantage of having a peculiar design (like resembling a Gamecube or NES gamepad), having additional functionalities (like an audio jack for headphones) or being compatible with the PC and/or other consoles. See all the different kind of Pro Controller on our following page:

Controller Image by wu yi
Fighting Sticks for the Switch

There is an additional category of controllers, the fighting sticks. They are not well known outside the fighting game community, but if you are looking for a way to play Mortal Kombat, DBZ Fighters or even Pokken, they might interest you.


These controllers are meant to emulate arcades cabinets and are popular with people who grew up playing fighting games (ironically, these controllers are not that popular for players of Smash Ultimate, as it´s quite different from other fighting games).


Here’s a list of sticks compatible with the Switch, (some of which are even compatible with other consoles). Click on their name to be taken to the external store page of each one:

Fighting Stick Mini (Street Fighter 2)
Hayabusa Fight Stick
Real Arcade Pro
N30 Arcade Stick
Switch, PC, Mac, Android
F500 Stick
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, Android
F300 Stick
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, Android
Fighting Stick Mini
A Controller Adapter to use Xbox, PS4 and Wii controllers on the Switch

This is not a controller per se, but a gadget that will allow you to play with the gamepads of other consoles.


Do you own a Playstation or Xbox in addition to your Switch? Maybe you have a couple of old Wiimotes or WiiU Pro Controllers laying around? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then this adapter is for you. 


Plug it into your console, follow the instructions and you will be able to play your Nintendo Switch with the PS4 and PS3 DualShock, Xbox controllers, the Wiimote and/or the Wiiu Pro.


These are all the options you have to play with your Switch. You can opt for the Joy-Con (with or without the Grip) the classic Pro Controller (either third-party or official), a Fighting Stick (if you like fighting games) or an already owned gamepad from another console with an adapter.


If you have problems deciding which controller to buy, check out this blog post to help you decide: Which controller is for me?


If you don´t like the look of the controller presented here, or want to customize them, go to our Accessories page for a list of skins, faceplates and more which you can put on your controller.