PlayStation 5 Accessories and controllers

On this page, you´ll find a collection of accessories available for the PlayStation 5 and its controller.


For the console itself, you´ll find hard drives to expand its memory, an HD camera, media remotes and headsets. For the controller, there are skins, charging stations (and their cables), replacement caps and even a mount for your phone.

As of now the only official Playstation controller available is the Dualsense, but you can find more specialized peripherals like driving wheels and joysticks in our page about Playstation´s special controllers right here.


Charging Stations

These are self-explanatory. These are small stands that you can connect to your controllers to recharge their batteries.  With these gadgets, your controllers will always be ready to play.


The new controller for the PS5 is the DualSense. While the Dualshock 4 is technically compatible with the console, it can only play ps4 games. It´s not useful for titles launched this generation. 

Skin and Parts

Here you will find covers for your controllers and spare parts. Like all mechanical gadgets, controllers are prone to get worn down with age. The thumbsticks might become too stiff, or too loose. The grip gets dirty and scratched. To avoid buying a new controller to fix these annoyances, you can buy these parts and repair it yourself or try one of the following covers to protect it.


Headphones bring quality, surround sound to your ears so you can fully immerse yourself in the game. They come with a mic so that you can chat online while you play. Most wired headphones are compatible with the Playstation 5, but the following are sure to work with the console:

Miscellaneous accessories

Here are the other accessories available to the PS5. From external memory drives to cameras, media remotes and even a little clip for your controller that holds your phone.


There are several ways to further enhance your experience when playing with your PS5.  Hard drives allow you to install more games, charging stations make it so you don´t have to worry about battery life on your controllers, replacement parts and decals to customize the look of your PlayStation, travel cases let you carry it wherever you want and headphones let you hear the game with complete clarity while chatting online.

If you want to check the controllers available to the PS4, follow this link. We also have a whole page for the Playstation VR and its add-ons.