Headphones and Headsets

Headphones bring quality, surround sound to your ears so you can fully immerse yourself in the game´s sound design.


When it comes to gaming headphones, they normally come with a microphone so that you can chat online while playing. Here we have a list of gaming headphones for the PC of all kinds of price ranges. Click on the model or picture of each headphone to go to their offsite store page.

Do note that this page is for headphones, if you are interested in Virtual Reality Headsets, we have them on this page.

Wired Headphones

These headphones are connected to your computer by an audio jack or a USB port.


While this is a list for PC  headphones, keep in mind that technically every device or even gamepad with an audio jack should be compatible with a non-USB wired headphone, with a few exceptions. To avoid compatibility issues, check the supported consoles next to each model.

Wireless Headphones

These headsets don´t need a cable to connect to your computer. They are linked by either Bluetooth or a USB dongle. The lack of wires means that they have an increased range and freedom of movement at the expense of having to worry about their battery life.