Keyboard and Mouse

The classic way to play games on your computer. Every modern PC has a pair of them. Laptops come with a keyboard and a trackpad built-in. 


A pair of regular keyboard and mouse are fine with most games, but maybe you want something more special, something made with gaming in mind. If that´s the case, this page lists a collection of keyboards and mice made for gaming. Click on the model´s name or picture of each accessory to go to their respective offsite store page.

Wired Keyboards

These are keyboards that are connected to the computer by a cable, usually a USB one. Their advantages are not having to deal with batteries or any possible input lag between you and the game.

Wireless Keyboards

Unlike their wired counterparts, these ones don´t require any cables to connect to the PC. They can be connected via Bluetooth or with a USB wireless connector that´s usually included with the keyboard. Their downside is that you will need to either buy or recharge their batteries.

Wired Mouse

Same concept as the wired keyboards, but with a mouse. These are mice that are connected to the PC with a cable. No batteries needed, just plug and play.

Wireless Mouse

Mice that don´t need a cable to connect to the computer. They are connected either with Bluetooth or a USB dongle.


There are a variety of options if you want to play with a mouse and keyboard specialized for gaming.


You can find keyboards with and without a wrist rest, with backlight keys and even programmable macro keys, to automatize as much as you want of your game.


For the mouse, there are ambidextrous options, vertical ones that help with wrist strain, and even some that have as many buttons as a keypad, mostly made to play MOBAS and MMOs.

There are mice and keyboards to fit any and all tastes in every price range, however, some still find them too uncomfortable. If you too and prefer to play with a regular gamepad, don´t forget to check our controller collection here. Likewise, if you want more specialized controllers, here we have wheels, joysticks and fighting sticks.