Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Switch is Nintendo´s eight-generation console. It can be both portable (like the 3DS) and docked (meaning that you can play on your TV as you would with a Playstation or an Xbox).


This gives the player much more freedom on how and when to play. You could play Zelda on your couch for half an hour before leaving the house and playing on the bus while you commute. While not as powerful as its competitors, the Switch has been a massive success, selling well over 35 million units as of the time of this writing.

While the Switch itself is a fine console, there are a variety of add-ons and accessories that can be used to improve the gaming experience.


Maybe you want to play with a more classic gamepad instead of the Joy-Con. Or you want a more compact Dock that can be carried around more easily in your suitcase. Perhaps you want to customize how your Switch looks and give it a Zelda or Mario skin. You will find that and more here.

We have detailed and categorized all manners of accessories for Nintendo´s hybrid console right on this page so that you don´t have to waste time finding the right one for you.  Here are our categories:


Switch Controllers

In this page, we have all the different kinds of controllers you can use with your Switch. The Joy-Con, the Pro Controller, third-party gamepads, grips and even Fighting Sticks. You can also find different models and colors for the controllers.

Controller Image by wu yi
Controller Accesories

This page details accessories for the Switch´s controllers. Charging stations for the gamepads, special grips for the Joy-Con, skins to customize the looks of the controllers and the Pokeball Plus.

Pokeball Image by Kamil S
Switch Accessories

Here we have accessories for the console itself. Docks, both the official one and more compact alternatives, travel cases to carry your Switch, decals, SD cards and even nifty gadgets like a car charger, a LAN adapter to play online without Wi-Fi or a power bank to keep your console recharged even away from home.

A Dock for the Switch
Nintendo Labo

A listing of all the kits available in Nintendo´s cardboard line of accessories, so you can compare them directly and decide which one is best for you.

Variety Kit for th Labo