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PlayStation 4 Controllers

DualShock 4

The Dualshock 4 is the fourth iteration of the classic Sony gamepad, now with motion controls, an audio jack for headphones, and a small touch screen.


It is the default controller of the PlayStation 4. Comfortable, precise and familiar for anyone who grew up with a PlayStation, it is the ideal choice to play on Sony´s console. It comes in a variety of colors. Click on the name or picture of the controllers to go to the offsite store page for that model:

Mini Gamepad

Not a DualShock by any means, but this Mini Gamepad is still a functional PlayStation 4 controller.


40% smaller than the DualShock, this gamepad is easier to grip for people who have smaller hands (like children, for example) and is wired, so you don’t need to worry about battery life. A major downside, however, is that it doesn´t any of the “advanced” capabilities of the Dualshock, meaning no motion controls, touch screen or headset jack.


As a result, there are a few games that aren´t compatible with this controller as they make use of those features (manly the motion controls) in their gameplay.

C40 TR

For those who want a fully customizable controller, the C40 is for you. Compatible with both the PS4 and the PC.


This gamepad allows you to remap its two extra buttons without needing third-party software. A removable faceplate allows you to “easily” replace the analog sticks and/or d-pad if they begin feeling less responsive.


Not only that, but it comes with a program that allows you to customize the sensitivity of the sticks and remap all the other buttons. The C40 also allows you to change from wired mode to wireless on the fly, depending on your preference and your surroundings.


This is a controller made for players who want to squeeze all they can out of their controller and make sure that their gameplay is 100% fine-tuned to their hands. 


When it comes to aiming with precision, nothing beats the mouse. Likewise, you can´t control a MOBA quite the same without having a keyboard in your hands.


While the Dualshock is a fine controller on its own, these are two types of games where it doesn´t excel. Problem is, you can´t just plug in your mouse and keyboard to your PlayStation and have them work just like that. 


What you need is a keypad. These are stripped-down keyboards designed to be controlled with one hand while your other one is on the mouse. They are meant to emulate PC controls on your PlayStation. As a plus, most of them are compatible with the other current-gen consoles and PC.

PC,Xbox,PS4 and Switch
PC,Xbox,PS4 and Switch
PC,Xbox,PS4 and Switch
TAC Keypad

There quite a few controllers to choose from if you want to play on your PS4.


The default is the DualShock, which is a fine gamepad on its own and comes in a variety of models and colors to suit any tastes.


If you want to play games competitively, then you might be interested in the C40, as it is a premium controller made with tournaments in mind.


Alternatively, you might want to buy a keypad, as it allows for much more precise aiming thanks to its mouse.


The Mini Gamepad could be ideal if you live with your family and are looking for a controller than can better fit your kid's hands.

Of course, if you want to see a selection of more specialized controllers, like flying sticks or wheels, check out our collection here. Or you might want to see accessories for the Playstation 4 itself, here we have a good selection, with things like charging stations and headsets.

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