PlayStation Accessories

The PlayStation 4 is the eight-generation Sony console. Launched in 2014 as a successor to the PlayStation 3. It is the most powerful console of the current generation, outclassing both the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft´s Xbox One in terms of raw power.

In 2020 its successor came out, the Playstation 5. An upgrade in pretty much all the technical specs of the PS4, this new console also came with an updated controller, the Dualsense, and more accessories. Thankfully, most of the add-ons that worked on the PS4, barring the controller, also work fine on the PS5, so you can use them to play on your new console. 

With a great gallery of games from all genres at its disposal, the PlayStation can offer a very complete gaming experience. However, it also has a lot of accessories and controllers that can enrich your playtime.


Want to have a more immersive experience? Try the Playstation VR. Want more memory to install extra games? Buy an external Hard Drive. Don´t like how the PlayStation looks? Check out the variety of skins to change its appearance. You will find that and more here.

We have detailed and categorized the accessories and controllers for the PlayStation 4 right on this page so that you don´t have to waste time finding the right one for you. Here are our categories:

PS4 Controllers

In this page, we have all the different kinds of gamepads you can use with your PS4, along with different models of each controller. You will find the classic Dualshock 4 and other third-party offerings that may suit your playstyle better.

Dualshock controller
Specialized Controllers

Here we have more specialized controllers available for the PS4. You can find Fighting Sticks, Driving Wheels and Flying Joysticks on this page, along with their related accessories.

Thrustmaster Flying Joystick
PS5 Controllers and Accessories

Here you can find a list of accessories for the Playstation 5. From its controllers to charging stations, headsets, hard drives and even more officially approved add-ons for the PS5.

Console Accessories

This is a list of accessories for the Playstation 4. You can find things like Charging Stations for the controllers, decals to change the look of the console, hard drives to increase the memory and even officially aproved headphones for the PS4.

PS4 extrnal memory
PlayStation VR

The Playstation 4 has its own Virtual Reality Headset, along with a gallery of more than 200 VR games. The PSVR, the Move controllers, the Aim add-on and the bundles they with are all in this page.

Playstation VR