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Can I play on the PS5 with my PS4 controller?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

With this new generation of consoles comes a new generation of controllers. The Playstation 5 is bringing out the DualSense, a modern gamepad filled with new features like haptic feedback and a built-in mic.

However, you might not care about such features. If your old ps4 controllers still work, why fix what it ain´t broken? Maybe you can save a couple of bucks on the new gamepad? Well...

Does my old Dualshock controller still work with the PS5?

The Dualshock 4 is technically compatible with the Playstation 5 in the broadest sense of the word. Yes, it will connect to your PS5, but it will be unable to play any of its games. You can only use the Dualshock to play ps4 games on your new console.

In Sony´s own words: "We believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller." This means that the Dualshock can´t be used to play next-gen games by design.

Note that this also includes all the unofficial third-party controllers that worked with the ps4, it's not only the Dualshock that is incompatible with this new generation of games (barring some sort of driver update from the manufacturers of these gamepads).

However, because the ps5 is backward compatible with all but ten ps4 games, you still have access to quite the library of titles. Not only that, but the Dualshock is also compatible with both computers, and even smartphones, so there is no reason to throw it away just yet.

Can you use the Dualsense on the Playstation 4?

On the flip side of the previous question, can you use this new controller to play on a PS4? This one is more cut and dry. You can´t connect a Dualsense to a PlayStation 4.

At least not as of this writing, Sony may release a patch for their old console to make it compatible with their newest gamepad. Until that happens, however, the Dualsense will not work on the PlayStation 4.

If you really want to, there is a workaround. You can buy this wireless adapter to force your Playstation 4 to recognize the PS5 controller and play with it. You will not be able to use most of its "modern" features, however, like the adaptive triggers.

Is the Playstation 5 compatible with other Playstation 4 accessories?

So, if the Dualshock 4 doesn´t work with new games, what chance do your other ps4 accessories have? Quite a lot actually.

Sony has come out and said that "specialty peripherals" that worked with the ps4 will also work with the ps5. This includes racing wheels, along with arcade and flight sticks.

Your old headsets will also be compatible with the ps5, so long as they're connected and plugged-in with the USB port or audio jack. Other types of headphones aren´t specifically supported, so you´ll have to try and see if they connect.

The PS VR is a bit of a special case. It still works, Sony will continue to support VR in their newest console, they plan to eventually release PS VR 2. They haven´t fully explained how their new VR will work, but until then, the Move controller is confirmed to still work with the new Playstation 5, but maybe not with the 2.0 version.

What doesn´t work is the Playstation Camera, which is needed for PS VR games to work. Or rather, it still works, but can´t connect to the Playstation 5.

Fortunately, Sony has released an adapter to connect the camera work with their new console. For now, the Japanese company is offering its adapter for free if you already have a Playstation camera. To request your free adapter, follow this link here.

While Sony hasn´t said anything about it, the offer is probably limited time only. After the launch of the PS5, you will be likely forced to buy this little gadget to use a Playstation Camera with your Playstation 5. And yes, the Dualshock 4 will still be compatible with your old VR titles on the ps5.

In summary

The Dualshock 4 will work with the ps5, but only to play ps4 games. Your other previous accessories, like arcade sticks and wheels, will work with no issues on the PlayStation 5.

PSVR is still supported, but you need an adapter to make it work. Finally, the new controller, the Dual Sense, will not work at all on the PS4 (as of this writing.)

Thanks for reading, if you want to learn how to connect your ps4 to a monitor instead of a TV, you can read out the article here!


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