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Play with a PS4 on a Computer Monitor

The PlayStation 4 is a great gaming console but can also be used in other ways. One of the best ways to play your PS4 is by connecting your computer monitor to it. A monitor is a good substitute for TV, and you can play using an HDMI cable, allowing you to play games on a bigger screen.

There are several ways you might want to play PS4 on your computer monitor instead of your TV, as explained below:

Things You Will Need to Connect a Laptop to PS4

If you're looking to play your PS4 on your laptop/computer monitor, below are a few things you will need:

  • A PlayStation 4 console

  • A monitor that supports HDMI input

  • An HDMI cable/ Capture Card to connect the monitor and PS4 console

  • A cable for audio output (if you want to sound)

  • A USB mouse and keyboard (if you want to control your game with them)

  • An HDMI splitter if you're going to hook up multiple devices at once

Using a Capture Card

If you need to use your laptop as a monitor for PS4, you can use a capture card. The capture card will work like an HDMI cable, allowing you to play the PS4 on the computer monitor instead of the TV:

  • The first thing that you need to do is connect the PS4 to your laptop using an HDMI cable. The same HDMI cable you use to connect your TV should also work. If not, find one at a local electronics store or order one online.

  • Once you have connected the PS4 with your laptop, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the input port on your capture card. Most capture cards come with multiple inputs to record multiple sources simultaneously.

  • The next step is installing software on both devices to talk to each other over Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. It will allow them to share media files over network connections without having any cables connected between them.

  • Once both devices are appropriately configured, go ahead and open up your game console and start playing games on it while it's connected through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

How to Use HDMI

The PlayStation 4 and most laptops have the same HDM (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, so you can use a laptop as a monitor for your PS4. And it's not as hard as you might think. You'll need just one cable — an HDMI cable — and a few other things that are probably lying around your house.

It's worth trying out if you're looking for a way to play PS4 on a bigger screen. Here's how to do it:

  • Plug the HDMI cable into your computer's HDMI port and then into the PS4's HDMI port on the back of the console.

  • Plug an Ethernet cable into one of two ports on the back of your computer (one is labeled "LAN," and one is labeled "Ethernet"). Plug it into one side of an Ethernet splitter or router hub with two inputs and one output; plug the other end of that splitter/hub into an Internet modem or router.

  • Turn on both devices (your computer and PS4).

  • Go to Settings > Sound & Screen > Display Area Settings > TV Mode > Enable Screen Mirroring.

Benefits Of Using a Laptop as A Monitor for PS4

There are many benefits of using a laptop as a monitor for PS4.

  1. For example, you can connect your laptop to your TV and play games comfortably.

  2. Another benefit is that you can enjoy high-definition graphics while playing games on your TV or computer monitor.

  3. You will also get better sound quality while playing games on these screens because they have speakers with excellent audio output.

  4. Some laptops have built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy good sound while playing games.

  5. However, if you want more volume or better bass, there are several choices for connecting external speakers to laptops, such as earphones, headphones, headsets, etc.

The Downside

Using a laptop is a good alternative if you want to play PS4 on a computer monitor.

But there are some downsides:

  1. The biggest problem is that there's no way to hook up your PS4 controller directly to the laptop — it needs to be connected via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. That means that if your controller runs out of power or gets damaged, you're out of luck until you get home and can connect it to an actual console again.

  2. You'll also need a separate display for playing the game. If your laptop has an HDMI port, you can use that as the display; otherwise, you'll need an external monitor or TV with an HDMI input (or DVI).

  3. If you use an external monitor, ensure it's set up for 16:9 widescreen mode — otherwise, you'll see black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when playing in widescreen mode.

Happy Playing

Playing PS4 on a computer monitor is the best solution for most people, but it can be a bit complicated to get it working. Some games are more compatible, and some will perform better than others. It's also essential to make sure you have the right cables and adapters before making any purchases.

If you want to know how to connect a Nintendo Switch instead to a monitor, we also have this handy guide. Like mobile gaming? We also have an article about playing with your ps4 controller on an iPhone.


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