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How to connect a Nintendo Switch to a Monitor

Updated: Jan 7

Are you tired of playing with your Nintendo Switch where the display screen is comparatively small and you want to enjoy the games on a large screen? Or maybe you have an OLED Switch and are afraid of getting an image burned into it? then this article will help you a lot where you can understand how to connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC Monitor.

You can easily connect the Nintendo Switch gaming console to any type of PC Monitor through the Dock device which is provided with the gaming console which allows its user to connect the gaming console to any devices like PC Monitors, Televisions, or Projectors.

For this, you’ll require an HDMI Connection cable and also have to buy an HDMI to DVI adapter or an HDMI to DVI Cable if you have an older PC Monitor. In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step procedure where you can understand how to connect your gaming console (like Nintendo Switch) to your Monitor.

What is Nintendo Switch Gaming Console?

Besides being a gaming device, it is also a versatile game console that is very similar to other gaming consoles like XBOX and Playstation gaming consoles. While there is a disparity, you can undoubtedly have access to all kinds of Nintendo games on the console. Apart from this, this gaming device can also be enjoyed on screens with large resolutions like PC Monitors, Projectors, Televisions, and Laptops.

There are other accessories like a 6.2 inches tablet, two Joy-Cons (joystick cons) controllers, and one Joy-Con with grips with the Switch Box. Along with this, you’ll get a special Nintendo Switch Dock with an HDMI adapter if you want to connect your Nintendo Switch to any other device like monitors, projectors, TVs, etc. In short, you’ll get a complete gaming bonanza in this gaming console.

Things you´ll need to connect your Switch to a Monitor

To enlarge your gaming experience, you will need these specific items to make the connection possible and the things are:

• A PC Monitor with its power cable (or Power Cord).

• An HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable for the connection. (It is recommended you buy a 1.4 HDMI cable, as the 2.0 version can cause "blackouts" in some TVs)

• An HDMI to DVI Cable or an HDMI to DVI adapter if you’re using an old-style PC monitor which doesn’t have any HDMI Connection Port for the connection. So, kindly check once if there is an HDMI Port in your PC Monitor or not.

How to connect your Nintendo Gaming Console to your PC Monitor

To connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC Monitor, you’ve to follow these steps carefully:

• Open the back cover of your Nintendo Switch dock.

• Connect the Switch’s HDMI Connection Cord into the connection port which is labeled as HDMI OUT. If you want to use the HDMI to DVI Cable which you’ve bought to connect your Nintendo Switch to the older PC Monitors, simply plug it into the HDMI OUT Connection Port and take the rear cover off.

• If you're using a modern monitor, affix or connect the other part of the Switch’s HDMI Connection Cable to the HDMI IN connection port which is present on the rear side of the monitor.

• If your monitor doesn’t have an HDMI Port on it, then you should use the HDMI to DVI adapter. Now, plug the HDMI Cable of the Nintendo Switch to the HDMI END (which is a connection port) of the adapter and the other part of the cable to the DVI Port at the rear side of your monitor. If you’re using an HDMI to DVI Cable instead of that adapter, then plug the other part of the cord directly to the DVI Port of your monitor.

Or, you can buy a new monitor for the Nintendo switch, they are more reliable and recommended to get the gaming experience.

• Once your gaming consoles are docked, separate the joystick controllers from your Nintendo Switch gaming console by pressing the releases button on the console at the rear side of the joystick controllers, then switch on the gaming console.

• Now, Connect your PC Monitor with the main power source with the main power cord of the monitor and also turn on your monitor.

Once you’ve completed the above-mentioned steps, your Nintendo Switch should be connected successfully to your PC Monitor, and now you’re able to enjoy the gaming experience of playing it on your PC Monitor.

If you can’t see anything on your PC Monitor, check the cable connection between the Nintendo Switch gaming console and your PC Monitor properly and also crosscheck that the Dock is placed properly with the proper connection.

Additionally, if you want to complete the Switch to PC migration, you can connect a keyboard to Nintendo´s console, learn how to do it here. You can also learn how to play with the Switch on your laptop here.

Want to connect your Playstation 4 to a monitor instead? We also have an article explaining how!

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