Nintendo Switch Accessories

This page details the accessories available to the Nintendo Switch. From third party Docks, to travel cases, memory cards, decals, adapters and more. You will find a short description of the accessory, its characteristics and the company that sells them. Click on the name of each accessory or its picture to go to their offsite store page.

Please note that this page is for console add-ons only. If you want to check out accessories available for the controllers, click here.


The Dock is the main hub of the classic Switch (the Lite doesn't have it). It allows the console to connect to the TV and recharge. Without one, it would be pretty hard to use your Switch for any significant period of time, but it can be done (check out this article here to find out how). 

There are a couple of different alternatives for the official Dock, but most aren´t really "docks" themselves, they are multiport adapters that can be used as a Dock when connected to the Switch.


If you want a more portable Dock than the one Nintendo offers, feel free to check the alternatives ( do note that each of the unofficial alternatives requires an additional power cable to work).

Switch charging stand
A charging stand for the Switch
Multiport USB Playstand
A multiport hub that can act as a compact Dock. Has four additional USB ports.
Multiport Hub
A hub that can act as a compact Dock.
Dock Set
The official dock with the necessary cables to work.
HDMI Adapter Hub Dock
A hub that can act as a compact Dock.
Portable Dock
A more portable dock. Not made by Nintendo.
AV Multiport Hub
A hub that can act as a compact Dock.
Dock Cover

If you don´t like how the default Dock looks, you can change its appearance with the following custom covers:

Kawaii Dock Cover
Kawaii animals themed skin set for the dock
Splatoon Dock Cover
Splatoon themed dock cover
Pikachu Light Up Dock Shield
Pikachu themed LED dock cover
Mario Light Up Dock Shield
Mario themed LED dock cover
Switch Skins

Of course, if you are already interested in dressing up your Dock, with not go the full mile? There are a variety of skins that can make your Switch (and in most cases, the Joy-Con too) look however you want: 

Travel Cases

For people who travel a lot or have a long commute and feel uncomfortable just tossing the Switch in their suitcases, there exists another option.


These travel cases allow you to put the Switch, and some accessories (depending on the model), in a neatly packed container. The case makes carrying your console much easier and it protects it against impact, allowing you to take your Switch without worries.


They come in a variety of sizes. Some allow you to only carry the Switch, while others have the capacity to carry the Dock, a pair of extra controllers and more. Check out the characteristics to see how much each case can hold:

Zelda Travel Kit
A travel kit for the Switch themed after Zelda
Power A
Switch Mario Messenger bag
Mario themed. Switch, and Joy-Con carrying capability.
Switch Luigi Carrying Case
Luigi themed. Switch dock, and Joy-Con carrying capability.
Console Carrying Case
Switch, Dock and Joy-Con, and extra controllers carrying capability.
Switch Slim Travel Case Retro Mario
Retro Mario themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
Travel Case for the Switch
Switch, and Joy-Con carrying capability.
Spyro Travel Kit
A travel kit for the Switch themed after Spyro
Power A
Carrying Case for Switch
Switch, Dock and Joy-Con carrying capability.
Switch Carrying Case
Black, grey or Mario kart colors. Only space for the Switch and games.
RDS industries
Carrying Case
Switch, Dock and Joy-Con carrying capability.
RDS industries
Breath of the Wild Carrying Case
Breath of the wild themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
RDS industries
Mario Kart Carrying Case
Mario Kart themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
RDS industries
Splatoon Carrying Case
Splatoon themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
RDS industries
Mario Odyssey Carrying Case
Odyssey themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
RDS industries
Switch Slim Travel Case Yoshi
Yoshi themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
Switch Slim Travel Case pokeball
Poke ball themed. Only space for the Switch and games.
SD Cards

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32 Gb of internal memory, which is enough if you only use it to store save data, screen captures and a couple of games. 


But what if you want to more? Super Smash Ultimate, for example, takes almost 14 Gbs, practically half the memory. If you wanted to download Smash Ultimate, Mario Oddysey, and Breath of the Wild, you will not have enough memory.


In that case, what you need is a micro SD card. Micro SD cards are storage devices compatible not only with the Switch, but with smartphones, cameras, and even drones. You simply insert the card into the back of your Switch and it will automatically be ready to use (after getting formatted). We already wrote about which are compatible with the Switch over here


If you are going to download games, you should only consider getting your hands on a card that has more than 64 Gb of memory (please note that if your Switch hasn´t been updated since early 2018, you will need to do so in order for the memory card to work). Here are the cards:

Micro SD Card
From 16 Gb to 128 Gb
Zelda Micro SD Card
64 Gb. Zelda Themed
Mario Micro SD Card
128 Gb. Mario mushroom themed
Mario Micro SD Card
256 Gb. Mario power star themed
Miscellaneous Accessories

There are a variety of other accessories for the Switch that don´t fit the previous molds. Power banks to recharge the batteries on the go. Protective cases and glass, to make sure your Switch, and its screen, are in mint condition. Car stands and chargers to play on long road trips. A charging cable and AC adapter in case you lost the original ones that came with the console. A LAN adapter so you can connect to the internet without using Wi-fi and more. You can check them out in the following table:

Satisfye Switch Grip
A grip for the Switch handheld mode to make it more comfortable to hold.
A playstand to prop up the Nintendo Switch
Ethernet adapter
An ethernet adapter to connect your Switch to your internet
A wireless adapter that let´s you play with Gamecube Controllers on the Switch
Switch Grip Pro
A grip to hold your Switch and make it more comfortable in handheld mode
Wireless Headphone Adapter
An adapter that let´s you use wireless headphones (and their mics)
Accessories kit bundle
A bundle with all the basics accessories for the Switch
Switch Lite Dual USB Playstand
A play stand for the Switch Lite that props it up and recharges it.
Compact Playstand
Compact and flexible stand to prop up your Switch.
Wired Internet LAN Adapter
To connect to the internet directly (No Wi-Fi)
USB Charging Cable
Can charge the Switch with any outlet that has an USB port (like computers)
Tempered Glass Screen
Transparent protective glass
Protective cover
For the console and the Joy-Con.Comes with extra thumbsticks.
AC Adapter
Same as the one that comes with the console
Switch Car Headrest
Allows you to prop up your Switch on the back of your car seat

There are a variety of accessories to complement your Nintendo Switch. Either if you want to customize it looks with a skin, or if you want something more practical, like a LAN adapter or protective case. Hopefully, you have been able to find something that will enrich your gaming experience.

That said, these are accessories for the console. If you want to look at addons for the controllers, like say, a wheel for the Joy-Con or a Pro Controller charging Station, we have the accessories for the controllers on this page here.