Xbox One Accessories

The Xbox One is the eight-generation Microsoft console. Released in 2013 to succeed the Xbox 360, it improved from its predecessor in pretty much every regard, not only it is more powerful, but it has access to a whole slew of multimedia and social features.

Like the other eight-generation consoles, there are quite a lot of accessories and controllers to improve your experience with your Xbox. Not only that but, because it is a Microsoft product, many of the aforementioned accessories and controllers are also compatible with Windows 10, even if some require an adapter or setup of sorts.

We have detailed and categorized all manners of accessories for Microsoft´s Xbox One right on this page so that you don´t have to waste time finding the right one for you. Here are our categories:

Xbox One Controllers

On this page, we have all the different controllers that you can use to play games on your Xbox, along with different models of each controller. These are the official Wireless Controller, the Elite Controller,  keypads and a variety of third-party wired controllers.

Specialized Controllers

These special controllers excel at the one genre they were made for but don´t work with "normal" games. You can find Fighting Sticks, Driving Wheels and Flying Joysticks on this page, along with their related accessories.

Console Accessories

This is a list of accessories available for the Xbox One. You will find console stands and mounts, travel cases, external memory and headphones on this page.

Controller Accesories

This page has all manner of accessories available for the Xbox controllers. Things like rechargeable batteries, faceplates, chat pads, and extra grips.