Nintendo Switch Controller Accessories

This page details the accessories available to the Nintendo Switch controllers. Here you will find charging stations, skins, the Pokeball Plus and add-ons like wheels, a racket grip or a gun grip for the Joy-Con. Click on the name or picture of each item to go to the online store page of that accessory.

Please note that this page is for controller accessories, if you want to check out accessories available for the Switch itself, go here.

Charging Stations

When it comes to wireless controllers, you always have to be mindful of the batteries running out. It´s important to always keep the controllers with enough charge to play without interruptions.


The Nintendo Switch automatically recharges the Joy-Cons attached to the console. But what if you have more than two Joy-Con? Or a Pro Controller? 


Well, in that case, you can buy a Charging Station and leave your controllers plugged into it when you aren´t playing. With these gadgets, you won´t have to worry about their battery life anymore.

Joy-Con Grips

There are a variety of different grips that you can combine with your Joy-Con to try and enhance them. 


These are mostly wheels that you fit in your Joy-Con into to make your virtual driving experience in Mario Kart (or any other driving games) more immersive.


There is also a racket for Mario Tennis and gun for any shooter you in which you might feel inclined to relieve the classic Light Gun experience.

Pokeball Plus

The Pokeball Plus in a Pokeball that is meant to complement playing Pokemon games on the Switch and Pokemon Go. 


The device can act as a custom controller for the game as it comes with two buttons and joystick, enough to move around and navigate menus (but not in Sword and Shield).


It allows you to take a pokemon along with you when you aren’t playing. These pokemon will gain experience and react if you interact with the Pokeball Plus. It can also vibrate when you are near a pokemon or pokestop if synced with Pokemon Go.

Ring Fit Adventure- Ring-Con and Leg Strap

Just like the Wii Fit had the Wii Balance Board, Nintendo released a new fitness game for the Switch with its own set of accessories. Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness game where you go on a quest to stop an evil dragon. You traverse levels and fight enemies in turn-based battles where each attack is done by performing the indicated exercise. 


The Ring-Con and Leg Strap are the tools that the game uses to detect your movements. The former is a ring that you attach your left Joy-Con to and hold with both hands. The latter is a strap that holds your right Joy-Con and wraps around your thigh. Both of them combined can use the Joy-Con´s sensors to detect your arm and leg movements. If you want to know more, we have an in-depth article about the Ring Fit Adventure over here

Skins for the Switch

If you want to customize how your Joy-Con or Switch look, then consider getting a skin to make them look exactly how you want. There are a variety of colors and themes to choose from: 


There are quite a few accessories to enhance your experience with your Joy-Con. Either if you want the convenience of a charging station for your extra controllers, the sensation of driving with a wheel on your hands or simply want to change how they look. There are a variety of options that can cater to your needs and interests.

If you want to look at accessories available for the Nintendo Switch itself, for example, a Lan Adapter, protective cases or a more portable dock, be sure to check out our page on the accessories for the console itself here.