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Does the Pokeball Plus work with Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A photo of a Pokeball Plus.
The Poke Ball Plus does work with Sword and Shield, to an extent.

The Poke Ball Plus is a gaming accessory that is meant to complement Pokémon games on the Switch and Pokémon Go.

As such, Sword and Shield are compatible with the little gadget, but it has limited features compared to what it could do in the last Pokémon game on the Switch, Let´s go Eevee and Let´s go Pikachu.

To recap, the Poke Ball Plus has two buttons (the red and white part of the orb) and a joystick in the middle. It could be used as a controller in the Let´s Go series because they were ports of Gameboy games.

The Gameboy only had two buttons (and two triggers, but they went unused most of the time), so you could navigate menus and run around with just the Poke Ball Plus.

Sword and Shield are fully 3D games, however, and you need two joysticks to run around and move the camera, so you can´t rely on the Poke Ball Plus to move your character.

Even if you wanted to play with a Joy-Con on one hand and the Poke Ball Plus on the other (for some reason), the accessory will refuse to work.

What does the Pokeball Plus do exactly?

The Poke Ball Plus has another functionality, and it still works. You can transfer a Pokémon to the Poke Ball and take it for a walk, similar to the Tamagotchi of old.

It will earn a little experience and attachment while outside your Switch, so you can use it to train an under-leveled Pokémon while working or attending class.

As a bonus, if you link a brand new Pokeball Plus to the Switch, you will get a Mew. If you have an old Pokeball and have already transferred a Mew to the Let´s go games, then you will not get another one.

There you have it, the Pokeball Plus does work with Sword and Shield, but only to take your Pokémon’s out for a stroll and give them experience. If you link your games with a brand new one, you will get a “free” Mew. If you are interested in the add-on, then check it out on Amazon:


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