Computer Controllers

Wireless Controllers

Wireless controllers are controllers that do not need to be connected to your computer with a cable. 

They offer much more freedom of movement and portability than their wired cousins. Their downside is that they rely on batteries to work.


Some are compatible not only with the PC but with other consoles as well. Click on their model or picture to go to the offsite store page for each one.


Keep in mind that most of these controllers connect to your PC via Bluetooth. If your computer doesn´t have Bluetooth (like many home computers) you will need an adapter in order to play with them. 

Wired Controllers

Wired controllers are connected to the computer by a cable, usually a USB one. While they have a more limited range than the wireless counterparts, you don´t have to worry about battery life with these ones. 

Retro Controllers

These are controllers made to look and feel like the classic gamepads of the NES and SNES era. Made to play emulators, these gamepads don´t have thumbsticks and have fewer buttons, so they are not compatible with most modern games. Click on their model to go to the offsite store page for each one.


When it comes to aiming with precision, nothing beats the mouse. Likewise, you can´t control a MOBA quite the same without having a keyboard in your hands.


However, some people find the keyboard to be a tad too big and cumbersome. If you are interested in having access to the keys but don´t want a whole keyboard in front of you, what you need is a keypad.


These controllers are basically stripped-down keyboards made to be controlled with one hand. 

Mobile Controllers

These are controllers made primarily to play with a smartphone, but they can also be used to play on PC (or rather, most of them can). The main difference with a regular controller is that they have a small stand that holds your smartphone in place so that you can comfortably look at the game at the top of your gamepad.

Horizontal Mobile Controllers

An offshoot of regular mobile controllers. Instead of putting your phone on a stand atop the gamepad, these ones let you put it in the middle of the grips.


The result is something not unlike the Nintendo Switch, with your buttons and sticks at the sides and the screen in the middle. 

Controller Adapters

If you already have a current-gen gaming console, and you don´t want to buy a new gamepad for your PC, you can buy these adapters to play with your already owned controller on your computer. 


There are a variety of controllers available to play on PC.  There is no default option, but you have a great selection to choose from. You can even use the official Xbox controller, the Pro Controller or the Dualshock (as long as you have an adapter) on your PC.

It doesn´t matter how you prefer your gamepad, there is an option for you.


If you are tired of the keyboard or find it too uncomfortable, there should be something on this page made for you. If not, you can check our selections of Keyboard and Mice on this here.


Or you might want some more specialized controllers, like wheels or fighting sticks, in that case, here we have another great collection.