Computer Accessories

Among all the ways to play videogames, the computer is the oldest platform still around.


Boasting an impressive gallery of games, both old and new, that dwarfs that of its competitors from its sheer size, and graphics that (depending on your video card) can push the envelope of what gaming is capable of, the PC remains as one of the most popular and versatile platforms on the market. 


Consoles may come and go, but the PC will remain for as long as people keep playing videogames.

Every computer is capable of playing games. Some are high-end machines built for gaming, others are personal laptops that can barely run excel, but still have a couple of old games installed. The difference in specs (and price) between each computer is enormous, which is why the variety of accessories and controllers available for PC gaming is staggeringly high as well.

On this site, we have arranged and categorized the different accessories; controllers, mouse, keyboards, monitors, headsets and more; so that you´ll be able to more easily find what you are looking for without wasting too much time bouncing from store to store. Here are our categories:


This page contains a list of gamepads for the PC. They are divided by type. Wired, wireless, retro and even keypads are catalogued here. 

Controller Image by Kamil Sole
Specialized Controllers

This page lists special controllers. That is to say, special controllers made to excel at one specific gaming genre. The page has wheels, fightings sticks, joysticks and their accessories (Things like gearbox shifters, pedals and other accessories to go along with the main controller) 

A Joystick
Mouse and Keyboard

The classic way to interact with your computer. Here you will find gaming keyboards and mouse of all kinds of all kinds.

Keyboard Image by Tobias Röder

What is the use of having the most advanced graphics card in the world if you can barely see your screen? This page has a list of different monitors that will allow you to marvel at the graphics of your favorite games.

Monitor Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

Here we detail the various different Virtual Reality Headsets available for PC along with some of their add-ons, like their controllers or base.

VR Image by Lux Interaction

Looking for a way to play without bothering anyone else? Maybe you want to enjoy crystal clear sounds delivered straight to your earbuds? Perhaps all you want is to find a way to chat online with your friends. Whatever the case, you can find a headphone that will suit your needs on this page.

Headphones Image by Blaz Photo