PC Specialized Controllers

While gamepads and keyboards work with any sort of game, there is another more specialized type of controller. These ones are made for a specific genre of gaming. On this page, we´ll list the different flying joysticks, wheels and fighting sticks available for PC. Click on the name of the model or picture of each one to go to the external store page for that controller.

Fight Sticks

These are controllers made for fighting games. Meant to emulate the arcades which gave birth to the genre, they have a joystick and at least eight "face" buttons.

The sticks are a pretty common sight at tournaments and any sort of competitive event that involves fighting games. They have a pretty steep learning curve, so don´t expect to get better just by having one, but, with the training and perseverance that characterizes the genre, you should be able to learn how to use them without much issue. 

Flying Joysticks

Have you ever wanted to know what it´s like to fly a plane? For those that want to feel like a real pilot, but without going to flight school, there exists the Flying Joysticks. These Joysticks are controllers designed to emulate their counterparts in the real cockpit.


They are a pretty popular complement not only to flying games but also to space and flight simulators.

Flying Accessories

A joystick and a throttle are all well and good to simulate a cockpit, but you can always take it a step further. There are a good number of additional add-ons that you can buy so that you'll have nothing to envy from a real cockpit. As a matter of fact, we already wrote on how you can use them to copy a real cockpit on your desktop.


The only drawback is that most of them are made for one specific game: Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a result, they are not compatible with most of the other flight games.

Driving Wheel

As the name implies, these are stationary wheels that you can use to drive in racing games. If you are a fan of racing and are interested in a more realistic and immersive way to drive your virtual car, then these are the controllers for you.


Most wheels come with a set of pedals and/or have force feedback (vibration ) to simulate real driving even more closely.

Wheel Accessories

While the wheel and pedals are good, but you can always go a step further. Extra pedals, shifters, clamps and even a base for different wheels are available to make driving your virtual car feel exactly like driving a real one.

You can even buy the seat itself to complete the cockpit. This expensive chair has clamps to put all the Thrustmaster accessories in place.


For driving and flight fans, there are a variety of options to make playing their favorite genre all the more immersive. 


A wheel, coupled with pedals and a shifter, can make you forget that you are controlling a virtual car instead of a real one. The flying stick is ideal to simulate feeling like a real pilot, and once you get used to it, it makes doing complex maneuvers much more smooth.

Arcade sticks are for people who are interested in making a name for themselves in their local fighting game scene, or for those who grew up in the arcades and feel weird doing quarter forward on an analog´s stick. T

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