Nintendo Pro Controller


While there is nothing wrong with the Joy-Con, you might want a more "normal" controller for a more traditional gaming experience. If that´s the case, the Pro Controller is for you.


The Pro Controller is a gamepad that looks and feels like its peers from the PlayStation or Xbox. Its tradeoff with the Joycon is that some games just don’t work with it, like 1-2 Switch, Super Mario Party or Just Dance. Click on the names or pictures of each controller to be taken to the offsite store page of each controller:

Third-Party Controllers

There are a variety of unofficial Pro Controllers made by third party companies. These can differ from the original in having a peculiar design, additional functionalities (like an audio jack for headphones) or by being compatible with the PC and/or other consoles. 


However, as these gamepads are not made by Nintendo, they may lack certain functionalities that the Pro Controller has, like motion controls or the amiibo reader. Take a look at each of their characteristics to see if it has something that might interest you. Click their names to go to their store page.

Wired Third-Party Controllers

The classic Pro Controller is wireless, but if you rather don´t worry about its battery life, there are wired alternatives. These ones connect directly to the Switch via the USB cable, trading freedom of movement for unlimited battery and less latency when playing.

Gamecube Controllers

You might want to go even more classic feel and play with the Gamecube controllers. Unfortunately, the Switch is not compatible with the Gamecube controller. Fortunately, there are a few compatible controllers that are made to look and feel like the purple gamepad. Keep in mind that if you buy the official Nintendo Gamecube Pro Controller, you will need this adapter in order to make it work.