Nintendo Joy-Con

The default controller of the Nintendo Switch is the Joy-Con.  Two come with every console (a plus one and a minus one), and they can work in tandem or separately depending on the game.


Each one has an analog stick, four face buttons, a plus or minor button and two sticks. They come with a battery that recharges them when connected to the Switch. They have gyroscopes an accelerators that enable them to register motions.


If you want to play games that use motion controls on your Switch Lite, you will have to purchase additional Joy-Con, because that version of the Switch doesn´t come with them included.


The Joy-Con comes in a variety of official colors that you can see in the following list. Clicking on any of the Joy-Con on this page will take you to the offsite store for each controller :

Unnoficial Joy-Con

While Nintendo is the main manufacturer of the Joy-Con, it is not the only one. A few people managed to make their own version, with different colors and shapes than those of the official lineup. They are cheaper too. Click on the names of their models or their pictures to go to their off-site store page.

Handheld only Joy-Con

These controllers are made to be used only in handheld mode, as they do not have wireless capabilities. While they are not made by Nintendo, they are licensed by it and are manufactured by a third party company called HORI. 


Additionally, with the exception of the Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition) model, these are only left (minus) Joy-Cons, not the full set. Click on the models to go to the store page of each one.


The Grip is not a controller on itself. It is an accessory that you pair with the Joy-Con. If you rather have a more traditional gaming experience, the Joy-Con can be attached to a Grip to form a more classic gamepad.


Some Grips are especial, as they can charge your Joy-Con while in use or have a more ergonomic design.  Click on the models to go to the store page of each one.