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Do ps4 fightsticks work on the ps5?

Arcade sticks, or fightsticks, can be quite the expensive controllers. While you can find a few of them at around the same price as a gamepad, most cost more than a hundred dollars, if not hundreds.

So, if you already dropped 500 $ to buy a Playstation 5, do you have to shell out even more money for a new arcade stick, or will your old Playstation 4 stick will still work on this new generation?

Well, all officially licensed sticks are bound to work, as we said before. Sony released a statement way back when the Playstation 5 was released saying that it does have legacy support... as long as it´s an official arcade stick licensed by Sony themselves.

This means that if you have an officially licensed arcade stick, it should work without issue on the PS5. A non-exhaustive list of compatible fight sticks includes the Qanba line, the Mayflash F300-500, the Razer Panthera EVO, the HORI Fighting Edge, and Pro Kai sticks.

On the other hand, any Hitbox or any of Brooks´s sticks don´t seem to be working quite as well on the Playstation 5.

Funnily enough, if you play the PS4 version of a fighting game on your PS5, like Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, or Mortal Kombat 11, you will be able to play with most of these "non-supported" sticks. The problem comes if you try to use them on the PS5 version of the game.

So long as you stick to Playstation 4 games, you can use your old stick to play them to your heart's content on the PlayStation 5. Playstation 3 sticks, however, seem to be out of luck entirely and will not work.

If you have a Brook fight stick, there is a way to use it on the Playstation 5, albeit it will not come cheaply. You will need to buy and physically install this board upgrade on your old stick, and then it should work like a charm... provided you can install it correctly.

To avoid this guesswork, is there any dedicated PS5 stick that you can buy? Well, kind of. There aren´t yet any natively build sticks crafted for the PS5 exclusively. The only exception to the rule that we found is the Victrix line, but that still seems to be a PS4 stick made to be compatible with the Playstation 5.


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