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Does the Switch Lite have gyro controls?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Switch Lite does have a built-in gyro and motion controls.
The Switch Lite does have a built-in gyro and motion controls.

The Switch Lite is the latest model of Nintendo´s hybrid console. Forgoing the ability to connect to the TV, the Lite is handheld exclusive, like the 3DS before it. As such, the Joy-Con are gone, replaced by built-in controllers. A lot of Switch games take advantage of the Joy-Con capabilities and motion controls, so, this begs the question,

Does the Lite have motion controls?

The Lite does indeed have motion controls. Thanks to an integrated gyro, it can detect the same movements as the Joy-Con controllers would have.

You can still use motion controls in games like Splatoon, Breath of the Wild or any of the 45 titles that make use of the gyro for aiming. The only features that are missing from the Joy-Con are the HD rumble and the IR camera.


While the Lite has motion controls, not all games are compatible with the handheld console. By itself, you won´t be able to play:

  • The Just Dance games

  • Super Mario Party

  • Surgeon Simulator

  • 1-2 Switch

  • Ring Fit Adventure

  • Any Labo kit

Nor any other game that requires you to hold the Joy-Cons independently of each other.

This limitation can be surmounted by buying a pair of Joy-Con and syncing them up with your Lite. You can learn how to do that in our article.

With a pair of additional Joy-Con, the only game that remains incompatible is the Labo, as the console doesn’t fit the cardboard devices (Toy-Cons as Nintendo calls them) that you build with each kit.

Ok, so the Lite has a gyro, but what exactly is that? What does it mean? Well, you can learn that in our article here: What are gyro controls?

Also, if you want to recharge the Lite in a pinch, you can check out our article on how to charge it with a phone´s charger here.


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