How to connect your Pro Controller to your PC (Infographic)

Updated: Jul 10

The Pro Controller is Nintendo´s answer to those who don´t like the feel of the Joy-Con on their hands. It is a classical gamepad in every sense of the word, meant to be pretty comfortable to those who yearn for a classic way to control their games on the Switch.

Nintendo´s gamepad is so good that you might want to use it outside of your Switch, to play games on your PC or even other consoles. Can you do that?

Why yes, we already wrote about what other consoles you can use the Pro Controller to play, and the PC is definitely compatible. What we are about to show you, however, is an infographic that will summarize the process into an easy-to-understand flowchart.

With this handy little guide, you´ll have no problem getting your Pro Controller up and running on your computer as we guide you step-by-step of the process. It is not that difficult, although it can become quite a lengthy exercise.

A small warning. If your PC doesn´t have Bluetooth, then you will need a USB type C to A cable, or a Bluetooth adapter in order to connect your Pro Controller to it.

Guide on how to connect your Pro Controller to your PC (Flowchart)

A flowchart infographic that explains how to connect a Nintendo Pro Controller to a computer that is running windows. The guide explains the process for PC´s with and without Bluetooth, and for games that are played in and outside of Steam.

Hopefully, the flowchart helped you connect your Pro Controller to your computer without issues. If it did, don´t forget to share it with your friends! We also have one for connecting your PS4 controller to PC!

As a small aside, if you think that syncing up your Pro Controller with Bluetooth is a bit tedious, you can speed up the process using a specialized adapter. With it, you can forgo manually adding your Pro Controller to your connected devices.

And of course, you need a Pro Controller to do anything on the flowchart in the first place. If you want to take a look at all the kinds of Pro Controller sold for the Nintendo Switch, we have them on our page here. Same for all the other kinds of controllers available for Nintendo´s hybrid console, like Joy-Cons and arcade sticks.

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