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Razer announces new versions of their gaming mice

Razer is one of the most prolific gaming accessories manufacturers on the planet. They produce dozens of different models of mice, keyboard, headsets and many more.

So, it comes to no surprise when they announce a new and improved version of two of their more popular gaming mice.

Which mouse are they? What do they bring on the table and how are they improved? Let's find out...

Razer DeathAdder V2

A photo of Razer´s DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse on a white background.

The DeathAdder is Razer´s flagship gaming mouse. This wired accessory is made out of premium materials, has pixel-perfect sensibility and additional customizable buttons to help adjust your gaming experience. The DeathAdder 2 upgrades pretty much the whole package.

This mouse is made with ergonomics in mind, it has a design that reduces the stress in your fingers after long hours of playtime. It is made primarily for medium to large hands.

This little accessory boasts some pretty advanced materials. It has a sweat-resistant coating and rubberized grips at the sides to help you control the mouse.

The Deathadder doesn't have your run of the mill technology either. It is equipped with what Razer calls the "Focus +" sensor, which allows for greater sensibility in motion, and "Optical Mouse Switches", to prevent accidental double clicks. Their sensors let it detect a range of more than 20.000 DPI.

Like it is the norm with gaming mice, the DeathAdder includes a multitude of programmable buttons, eight to be exact. Thanks to its internal memory, you don't need to program them each time, or in each different computer.

As of now, the Razer DeathAdder is being sold at 70 dollars, and you can get it at the Razer Store.

Razer Basilisk V2

A photo of Razer´s Basilisk V2 gaming mouse on a white background.

The Basilisk 2 is similar to the DeathAdder in many and they share a lot of the same features, but this mouse comes with a bigger focus on customization.

Like the previous mouse, the Basilisk comes equipped with a powerful sensor that lets it detects more than 20.000 DPI and has textured grips.

While the Deathadder had 8 buttons, the Basilisk has 11 customizable buttons. If you activate the Hypershift feature, they can double as 22 (as each button can have two different uses). It comes with a replaceable paddle as well. But the customization goes beyond buttons, you can also change the resistance of the scroll.

Needless to say, the Basilisk has internal memory to complement its customizability. This means that you can save your favorite configuration and don't have to spend half an hour setting everything up over and over again.

The Basilisk is slightly more expensive than the Deathadder, being sold at 80 dollars at the Razer Store.

And those are all the new mice that Razer has to show for now. They are a couple of premium gaming mouse that hit all the checks on what a gaming mouse ought to be. The Basilisk is more geared towards customization while the DeathAdder towards ergonomics.

Of course, Razer stands out of its competition because its products have generally higher quality, and this new offering is no exception. You can rest assured that either of them would make for a fine mouse.

If you want to look at more gaming Mice, check out our page where we list some of the best on the market. And don't forget to join our mailing list so that we can tell you when one of these new accessories goes on sale.


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