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Thrustmaster announces brand new pedals, the T-LCM.

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

When it comes to driving sims or even flight sims accessories, Thrustmaster is one of the oldest brands still in the game.

After a relatively long period of silence, they finally released a new set of pedals and their accompanying accessories for the PC and PS4. Their new product is called the...


A photo of the three T-LCM pedals over their base.

The T-LCM is a set of pedals; comprised of a clutch, a brake, and an accelerator, that you can hook up to your PS4, Xbox One and/or PC. You use them to control the acceleration of your virtual car in any videogame compatible with such accessories.

When combined with a steering wheel (many of which are also sold by Thrustmaster) you can pretty much recreate the feel of driving a real car on your own home. Many titles, such as F1, Dirt Rally and Nascar, take advantage of this type of accessories to create their genre of driving games, racing sims.

The T-LCM Pedals are made of a non-slippery metal. When coupled with their heavy footrest (weighing 5 kg/11 lbs) this set provides stability and a firm grip while playing. However, this doesn´t mean that the pedals are rigid. You can adjust their position both horizontally and vertically.

As it is the norm with Thrustmaster accessories, you can swap some of its parts with other models. If you already own a pair of Thrustmaster T3PA or T3PA-PRO pedals, you can use their pedal heads with the arms of the T-LCM.

Now, as previously mentioned, these aren´t the only pedals that Thrustmaster released, so what makes the T-LCM stand out?

Well, it all comes to the new tech that Thrustmaster packed on this set of pedals.

Thanks to the H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) magnetic sensor system, T-LCM manages to be both more sensitive and precise than previous iterations. Due to being a contactless system, it also increases the life span of the pedals, making it a more lasting product.

The pedals also have Load Cell force sensor technology incorporated into their brake pedal. This gives access to a greater range of options to adjust the resistance of the breaks for any kind of racing setup and preferences.

The pedals come with a set of six springs that lets you customize your preferred brake pressure without breaking out any tools or specialized software.

A photo of the back of Thustmaster´s T-LCM pedals with a focus on the six springs it uses to adjust the sensibility of the brakes.

In other words, these pedals let you customize the brakes until they feel exactly right, regardless if you are driving a NASCAR car, and F1 or just a regular jeep. Whatever your preference, the technology promises to deliver precision breaking.

As a default, the brake comes with weak, medium and strong resistance options for you to modify. It can withstand up to 100 Kg (220 lb) of pressure, so you shouldn't have to worry about breaking or damaging it.

While you don´t need special software to calibrate the brakes, the T-LCM does come with one. You can use this program to electronically adjust the braking power and the dead zone of the three pedals.

Now, I mentioned before that Trhustmasrer didn't only release a set of pedals, but also accompanying accessories. What else have they launched into the market?

T-LCM Cockpit Adaptor:

If you are already a fan of Thrustmaster and own either the T3PA or T3PA-PRO pedal sets, this adaptor will let you, well, adapt the T-LCM Pedals mounting holes to match those of the base of the aforementioned pedal sets.

T-LCM Rubber Grip:

This is a grip made out of texturized rubber. It goes over your T-LCM pedals, covering them and giving you better grip and control.

T-Pedal Stands:

If you are interested in getting the pedals but don´t want to arm a whole cockpit in front of your computer, this is the accessory for you.

This stand lets you install your pedals and adjust their position to your liking. It is not only compatible with the T-LCM, but with the T3PA and T3PA-PRO pedals set as well.


And there you have the latest offering from Thrustmaster. The T-LCM pedals provide excellent precision and flexibility that are sure to convince any racing sim fan.

They are compatible with every racing wheel on the market for the PC. On the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, they work with the T-GT, T300, T150, TS-XW, TX and TMX racing wheels.

These pedals are currently available for pre-order at $199.99. They will be released to the public on March 26.

If you don´t want to wait that long for a new set of pedals, check out our page here where you can find all the driving (and flying) sim equipment that you can need for the PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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