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Will Series X be compatible with your current Xbox One controller?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

UPDATE: The Series X has released and we can confirm that it is indeed compatible with the Xbox One controller.

Microsoft has finally unveiled the form of its secretive project Scarlet, a brand new gaming console dubbed the Xbox Series X.

A picture of Series X and a Xbox Controller
Series X will be compatible with your current controller

Series X not only promises to be faster and more powerful than the Xbox One, but this new, rectangular gaming console also boasts backward compatibility with all previous Xbox titles, across all four generations.

However, the question remains:

Is it compatible with your current Xbox controller? Or will you be forced to buy a new one for the console?

The answer is that it is compatible. The Xbox Wireless Controller, the Elite Controller and the newly announced Elite 2, will all work with Series X, so you don´t have to throw them away any time soon. In fact, it´s probably compatible with most third-party controllers and other accessories as well, but there is no official confirmation of that as of yet.

As an added cherry on top of the cake, the new controller that Series X will debut with, an upgraded version of the Xbox Wireless Controller, will also be compatible with your current Xbox One.

A white xbox controller being hold by a white hand behind some plants
You will be able to keep your current controller for another gaming generation

This as of yet unnamed controller will feature a share button, a d-pad more reminiscent of those on the Elite series and different proportions, so that it is more comfortable to hold to a wider array of people.

The compatibility goes three ways even, as you can use all these controllers, both old and new, on Windows 10.

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