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7 great Xbox One accessories under $20 that you can´t miss.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Just like it happens with the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, there is no shortage of gaming accessories to enrich your Xbox One gaming experience. However, most of these are quite expensive, so, what are some good cheap options for you to buy? Preferably under twenty bucks?

1.- A stand to let your console stand up

This stand will let you Xbox One stand vertically instead of horizontally.

Why would you want to do that? Because it improves the airflow around the console, making it less prone to overheating, and a lot of people find that their Xbox looks, and fits, better on their furniture when it´s standing upright.

However, this stand does have its drawbacks. You can´t put physical disks into the Xbox whiles it´s standing up, or rather, you can try but it will quite hard. If you buy most of your games digitally, this will not be a problem. Additionally, this stand is made for the original Xbox, so it might not fit the X or S versions of the console.

2.-A skin to customize the look of your Xbox

We already made a list with the top ten best skins for the Xbox One, so we are not going to repeat our entries here. Suffice to say, you can buy a skin to customize the look of your console, either by simply changing its color or by plastering the image of your favorite franchise, ike Star Wars or the Avengers, all across it.

These skins are stickers, so they are easy to put in place and not so hard to remove. You don´t need to unscrew anything or have any technical skills whatsoever to put them in place.

If you think that having a grey rectangle sitting in front of your TV looks bad, then this is the perfect way to spice up your room.

Do note that these skins are for the Xbox One original, if you have an Xbox One X, you will have to buy this different set instead.

3.-You can also get a skin just for your controller

Yep, just like you can get a skin for your console, you can get one for your controllers as well. Most Xbox skins come with the full package, stickers for the console and the controllers, but sometimes you only want to customize your controller, in that case, these are the skins for you.

As they are only stickers, these skins don´t offer much protection to your gamepad, unlike...

4.- A protective rubber case for the controller

This is another option to customize how your controller looks. Unlike the skins, this is not a sticker, but a silicone cover that you wrap over your controller.

Its main advantage over the skins is that this accessory protects your controller against dirt, scratches, and bumps. If you are someone who constantly drops their gamepad, you might want to get this one if only to lessen the damage to it.

Also, some people find that the silicone makes for a better material to grip than the default plastic of the controller.

5.- A pack of rechargeable batteries for your controller

If you are someone who doesn´t like to keep replacing the batteries of their Xbox controller, then the is the accessory for you.

This is a pack of rechargaeable batteries that you can recharge by connecting to a computer (or compatible plug) with its USB cable. An hour of charge will last you around 5 hours of game time. If you are running out of energy while you play, you can even plug them directly and keep playing with the controller connected to a power source.

This is certainly better than keep buying reusable AA batteries, but it´s not as convenient as a...

6.- Charging Station for your controller

If you liked the idea of the rechargeable batteries but aren´t a fan of having to plug them into a free USB port in your computer, then a charging station is the next logical step.

A charging station is a small stand in which you put your controller so that it can recharge it´s batteries while it´s not in use. This one includes a pair of rechargeable batteries, so you don´t have to worry about buying anything else in order to use it.

Once you have this little gadget, you can stop worrying about replacing the AA batteries in your controller.

7.- Playbudz grip extenders for the controller

Grips extenders are little plastic cups that you put at the end of your controller. They give you more surface to grasp and a better grip, which translates into making the gamepad more comfortable to hold.

Despite their somewhat goofy color, they work as advertised. They are easy to install and will make for a more pleasant playtime.

And that´s it

There you have 7 Xbox One accessories all under twenty dollars, most quite cheaper than that. They can be a pretty good and economic way to enhance or customize your experience with Microsoft console.

If you want to take a look at other, more expensive accessories, check out our collection over here. And don't forget to join our mailing list to know when these accessories go on sale.


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