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5 great PS4 accessories under 15 dollars

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Playstation 4 is a great console with a lot of awesome titles and features to keep you entertained for years.

However, there are always ways to improve your gaming experience, with accessories that complement how you play or shore up shortcomings you might have with Sonýs console.

Some people are reluctant to buy these accessories because they find them too expensive, to that end, we will show you the five best Playstation 4 accessories under fifteen dollars:

PowerA Charging Stand for PlayStation 4

A charging stand is an accessory in which you put your controller to charge it when not in use. Using them is simple, you plug your Dualshock and let it rest, therefore ensuring that it´s always at full battery.

Power A´s charging stand does exactly that, it recharges one of your Dualshock controllers at an accessible price. There are more complex stands that let you put additional controllers, but if you are going to by yourself, you don´t need them.

If you are someone who likes to play wirelessly but hates keeping track of batteries, this is an ideal accessory for you.

A skin to change the look of your PS4

We already wrote about the ten best skins for the ps4, but it bears it repeating here, you can buy a skin to alter the look of your Playstation 4. If you want something more lively than a black box, these accessories should be an ideal purchase for you.

These skins are stickers that you put over the console to alter how it looks. Most of them are quite cheap and come with additional covers for the controllers too.

To avoid having another list of the best and cheapest skins, just know that you can find a lot of variety when you search for them online. In addition to the aforementioned ten skins, you can dress your PS4 as the American flag, a galaxy, gold, the Joker, Dragon Ball, and more.

Playbudz PS4 Controller Grip Extenders

Grips extenders are little plastic cups that you put at the end of your Dualshock handles. They give you more surface to grasp and a better grip, which translates into making the gamepad more comfortable to hold.

Despite their somewhat goofy color, they work as advertised. The Playbudz grip extenders are easy to install and will make for a more pleasant playtime.

The DualShock 4 controllers especially benefit from this accessory as they do have a reputation for being a bit too small. If you have large hands, you might have found that your fingers bend over themselves to grab the gamepad, they can get cramped after long hours of play.

The grip extenders will fix this issue and make it easier to hold. They are by no means the only way to make gaming comfier if you have big hands, but they are the cheapest.

Silicone Gel Controller Cover for the Dualshock 4

Just like you can buy a skin for your console, you can do so for the Dualshock 4 as well. However, this silicone cover is not just for show.

This is a gel case that you slip on top of your controller as if it was its pajamas. The material is soft enough to the touch so that it´s still comfortable to hold (in fact, some people prefer it over the default plastic surface) while being hard enough to protect the gamepad against the elements.

With this protector on, your Dualshock will be practically immune to cuts, tumbles, scratches, dirt and more. As the surface is non-slippery, it will also improve your grip over the handles, making it a great accessory to preserve your controllers.

PS4 Pro Vertical Stand

A vertical stand is a little piece of plastic that holds your PlayStation 4 vertically instead of horizontally.

Why would you want to do this?

Well, aesthetics could be one reason. Saving space is another, as the PlayStation 4 takes less volume on your shelf when it´s standing up. It also helps the console dissipate heat by improving the airflow around it (provided you don´t surround the ps4 with anything else).

Thanks to its plastic base, there is little risk of the console sliding and falling.

Keep in mind that this stand is for the Pro version only, but there alternatives for both the regular PS4 and the slim version.

And that's it!

These are the five accessories you can find for your PlayStation 4 under 15 dollars. A charging stand, grips, covers, skins, and a vertical stand for your ps4 pro.

They all are great at what they do for their prize, but if you want to check out even more accessories for the ps4, go to our page here! We also have a list of 7 great and cheap accessories for the Xbox One. And don´t forget to join our mailing list to learn when there is a sale for these gadgets!


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