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10 Pop-Culture Skins for your PS4

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Don´t you wish that your PlayStation Four had a little more personality? Sure, there is nothing wrong with how it looks, but it can be so much more than a boring black rectangle.

Well, luckily, you can change how it looks. You can adorn your PlayStation by buying a skin.

Skins are basically decals, or stickers, that you stick on your PS4 and its DualShock controllers, to plaster their shells with a bit of artwork.

So, which skin should you buy? Well, the one from your favorite media franchise, of course, like the examples on the following selection. Click on their images to go to their store page to buy them:

A Fortnite skin for your PlayStation 4

A Fortnite Skin showing fourcharacters standing over a mass of zombies for the Play Station 4

Fortnite is the most popular game of the last few years, taking the gaming world, and some critics, by storm. Millions of new players began playing the game overnight. If you are one of its many fans or know someone who is, why not buy them this skin to celebrate their favorite game.

Cover your PS 4 with this stylish Deadpool decal

A dead pool skin for the Playstation 4 showing his mask and silhouette

The R-rated antihero is Marvel´s most popular character outside of the MCU. His film was the highest-grossing R-rated movie, before Joker came along, managing to entice a new generation of moviegoers with the character. Whenever you are a long time fan of the comic book or a new adept of his films, you can still show your appreciation for the Merc with a Mouth by plastering his mask on your PS4.

Shoot for the Hoop with this Basketball Skin

A black PS 4 skin with the red silhouette of a NBA player jumping

Basketball is one of the most popular sports out there. You can show your appreciation for the sport with this modern skin that looks good without being too showy.

Turn your PS 4 into a shoebox with this Nike skin

A ps4 skin that turns the console into a Nike shoebox

Whenever you talk about basketball, a discussion about tennis shoes isn´t far behind, and there is no more iconic shoe company than Nike´s. Pretend that you are a sponsored player by putting their decal all over your favorite gaming console.

An R2-D2 Skin to Travel to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A ps4 skin that turns the console into R2-D2 from Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most reconcilable franchises in the world, and R2-D2 must be the most famous cylinder that this galaxy has ever seen. With this skin, you can disguise your Playstation as an astromech droid. Unfortunately, the skin is for the Pro PS4 ONLY. However, if you don´t have a Pro and only have a slim, then you can try this Darth Vader decal instead (Slim only):

A star wars playstation skin showing Vader´s steely gaze towards the player

With this set of decals, you can have the galaxy´s most terrifying Sith Lord judge you as you play videogames.

Show your Loyalty to the Best House in ASOIAF

A Game of Thrones play station skin showing the emblem of House Stark

For fans of medieval intrigue, deceit, and backstabbing, you can show your allegiance to your favorite family from the Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones, for those who have only seen the HBO series) with this skin ...What that you say? The Starks aren´t your favorite house? Well, there is also a Marcell and a Targaryen variant. Sadly, the other houses aren´t represented.

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there are Only Tau Skins.

A Warhammer 40K playstation skin showing a Tau soldier eating a snack

Imperial and Chaos fans will no doubt be angry that the only skin available of Warhammer 40K is for the Tau, of all races. Still, love them or hate them, you have to admit that the artwork is top-notch, and a good way to show your allegiance to the Greater Good.

Assemble your PlayStation with this Avenger Skin.

A PlayStation 4 skin showing the main cast of the Avengers posing dramatically

Thanks to the MCU, there is no superhero team more popular than the Avengers, as such, they can´t remain unrepresented on this list. With this skin, you can have the main assemble in your living room, posing and ready to kick ass.

You Shall Not Pass on this Gandalf Skin

A PS4 skin showing a portrait of Gandalf from the Lord of the Ring

Fans of the Lord of the Ring will be able to remember the granddaddy of all Fantasy wizards with this Gandalf skin. Less of a piece of artwork and more of a portrait of Gandalf, it will nonetheless show your appreciation for Tolkien´s literature.


And that´s it. These are ten pop culture skins to make your Play Station stand out from the crowd. They are all quite beautiful artworks on their own right, and you´ll be remiss to let the default look on your PlayStation now that you know that you can make it better.

If you are interested, we also have a list of 5 great PlayStation 4 accessories under 15 dollars.

Like the selection? Don't like it? Have another suggestion? Let me know in the comments below. We have a similar selection for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and of course, you can find more skins on our Play Station accessories page on our site.


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