10 great gaming skins for your Switch (including Fortnite and Pokemon skins)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

There is nothing quite like admiring a beautiful work of art, and unfortunately, your Switch is anything but. Its design is functional, but barely aesthetically pleasing. The games you play on it, however, are a different story. They can make you laugh, cry, and feel a rush when you are winning.

So, why keep the boring, default look of your Switch when you can buy a skin for as little as 10 dollars and give the appearance of your favorite gaming franchise?

Skins are decals or stickers that you put over your console, it´s dock and Joy-Con so that it looks prettier, or at least more interesting. As a plus, almost all of them come with a screen protector, which can prevent scratches and dead pixels from appearing on your console.

Which ones are the best? We´ll tell you so that you don´t have to spend any time searching. Click on the picture to go to the store site of each skin.

Go retro with this sleek NES skin

The NES and SNES were great consoles for their time. Tons of people grew up with them and learned to love their grey and black color scheme. If you are one of them, then dress up your Switch like Nintendo's most popular home consoles from the last millennium this skin.

Even if you never played with an 8 or 32-bit console, this skin is stylish and is sure to make your Switch all the more aesthetically pleasing.

Catch´Em all with these Pokemon decals

Pokemon is the biggest media franchise in the world, and you can celebrate it by dressing up your Switch as the most popular yellow mouse in the history of this planet. If you think Pikachu is cute and you like Pokemon, this skin is a no brainer.

As a bonus, Pokemon is so popular that there is no shortage of skins, so I´m giving you two more. If you prefer Eevee, and it´s evolutions, over the yellow mouse, there is an Eevee version right up your alley.

There is also a minimalistic alternative with the silhouettes of the three original starters plus Pikachu if that's more your style.

Make your Switch jump up with this Mario skin

While Pokemon might be the more popular franchise overall, there is no greater video game icon today than Mario. Besides, is there a more fitting face to put on your NINTENDO Switch?

This skin actually does keep with the red and blue theme for the Joy-Con. I think it´s the only one that does, so that´s something, right?

Morph your Switch with this Metroid skin

This skin will make the wait for Metroid Prime 4 sting a bit less ...or maybe more if you don´t like the constant reminder. Either way, it´s a must-have for fans of Samus Aran.

Who knows? if enough people purchase it, maybe Nintendo will finally see that there is a market for more games of the franchise.

Let this Zelda skin take your breath away

Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game, and with these decals, you can keep marveling at the scenery even when you aren´t playing it. It´s a beautiful artwork that will wow even those who don´t know who Link is.

A Michael Jordan skin for basketball fanatics

This stylish drawing of Micahel Jordan dunking a ball can be plastered across your Switch so that there can be no doubt what you´ll favorite sport is.

I know this list is about video game skins, but NBA had so many titles across so many consoles that it practically is a gaming franchise at this point, not to mention the unofficial masterpiece that is Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, how could I ever let this beauty go unnoticed?

Show your appreciation for Fortnte with this skin

Fortnite took the gaming world by storm and exploded in popularity overnight. Millions of new players rushed to play this game across pretty much every gaming console out there. If you are one of them and want to show your appreciation for it, then this is the skin for you.

A Darth Vader skin for those strong with the force.

Regardless of if you like or dislike the sequels and/or prequels, there is no better way to show your affinity for the Force than dressing up your Switch with the face of the most iconic Sith Lord in the galaxy.

Again, this is technically from a movie, but so many people grew up playing Star Wars videogames that it should count for the list as well.


And those are the ten gaming skins we recommend for the Nintendo Switch. Like it? Don´t like it? Let me know in the comments. Your feedback will let us improve the site! If you do like it, consider sharing this article with a friend on twitter, facebook, or however you like.

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Bonus: Toaster Switch

This one is not from a videogame, and Decalgirls don´t have an affiliate program so I don´t earn anything if you buy it, but come on, look at it! You can turn your Switch into a toaster and a piece of bread. How cool is that?