10 Great Xbox One Skins to Suit all Tastes

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Xbox One is Microsoft´s eighth-generation console. It is a white or black rectangle that was released to the public in 2013.

There is nothing wrong with how it looks, but not everyone is pleased with the simple design, you might want your Xbox to stand out and reflect your personality.

To change its appearance, you can buy a skin or decal and make your console look like an art piece. Or you can gift them to someone you like as a neat present.

To help you find the best skins on the market, I give you our 10 best Xbox skins, so that you don't have to search high and low to find one to your liking.

Because there are several models of Xbox One, we put the compatible version next to the title, so you don't buy something that will not fit your console. You can click on each of the images to go to the online store page of that skin.

1.-Nebula skin for people who dream of the stars (Xbox One)

No one can argue that space is really pretty, so why not dress up your Xbox One with a space-themed skin? This decal is can make your console, and controllers, resemble a nebula in outer space. It looks great, and if you are into the stars above, it´s hard to think of a better skin.

2.- Psycodellic skin for people who enjoy color (One X)

Almost taken straight from the sixties, this skin will dazzle you with an explosion of color that will overwhelm your eyes. There is no better alternative if you want your console to stand out from the crowd.

3.-Full Metal Alchemist decal for those who love Anime (One S)

This skin lets you dress up your Xbox One S (and it´s controllers) as the Elric brothers ( or rather, as Edward and the armor that his Alphonse possessed). The artwork is beautiful if a bit somber, and a great way to remember a classic anime.

4.- A Messi skin for Soccer Fans (Xbox One)

Messi is probably the greatest soccer (or football for those living outside the US) player in the world, and you can celebrate the sport by having him as the face of your Xbox. This skin is a must-have for avid FIFA players, although Real Madrid fans might opt out of this one. (You can also get an Arsenal skin and Chelsea Skin as well).

5.- An NBA decal for basketball fanatics (One S)

Just like the previous skin was made for football fans, this one is for basketball fans. This minimalistic, but still elegant, design dresses your Xbox One with the silhouette of a jumping NBA player.

6.-Spiderman skin for people without arachnophobia (One S)

Few superheroes are as iconic as the Spider-man. With this skin, you can show your appreciation for the web-slinger and Marvel Comics by dressing your Xbox with his logo.

7.- Punisher skin for fans of the vigilante and/or skulls (One S)

While Spider-man might represent the light side of Marvel, Punisher stands on the other end of the spectrum. With this skin, you can put his symbol on your Xbox. It also works if you don´t anything about the Punisher, as it´s brutal, yet clean skull design looks good on its own right.

8.- Lighting decal to remind you of the power of nature (One X)

There are few things more amazing in nature than the roar of thunder and a flash of lighting. You can put all that energy on your Xbox One X with this skin.

9.- Batman skin for followers of DC comics and the caped crusader (Xbox One)

Put this skin on your Xbox and you can strike fear into the hearts of criminals with Batman and his Bat symbol. (Or if you prefer anarchy, there is a Joker version as well for the One S)

10.- Star Wars skin for those in touch with the Force (One X)

There are few franchises as popular as Star Wars, and few characters more iconic than Darth Vader. As such, there are many, many skins available, but this one for the One X stands out by having a simple design with Vader out in front with his lightsaber out.


And there you have it. If you know of any other cool or interesting skin, let me know in the comments. Liked what you saw? then shared it with your friends on twitter, facebook, Instagram, or however you´d like!

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