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Oculus Rift Vs PlayStation VR (Infographic)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Virtual Reality headsets have become one of the most successful gaming peripherals of the last decade. With millions of units sold the last couple of years alone, they became a new and immersive way to play VR videogames.

Some of the most successful headsets are the Oculus Rift for the PC and the PlayStation VR for the Play Station 4.

Both the original Oculus Rift and the PS VR were launched in 2016. Since then, the Oculus Rift was discontinued and replaced by the Rift S, which is a straight-up upgrade.

The PS VR remained the same throughout the years. Sony has announced that its new Play Station 5 will have an updated version of its VR platform, but it´s not out yet.

In any case, this infographic uses the Rift S as a point of comparison for the PS VR.

If you own both a PC and a PS 4 and want to buy a headset to play VR games, which one is the best option for you?

You´ll find out with the following infographic. We compared the PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift S´s prices, specs, the games they have available and the other requirements they have to be able to function.

Oculus Rift Vs PlayStation VR Infographic

An infographic describing the differences between the Oculus Rift S and the Play Station VR (or PS VR), by comparing their prices, specs, requirements and games.


Both the PS VR and the Rift S are fine Virtual Reality platforms. If you want to have a good time in the virtual world, you can´t go wrong with either.

Which one should you buy? Well, if you own a gaming PC but not a Play Station 4, or vice versa, the answer is obvious. Buy the one that is compatible with what you have.

If you have both, then it boils down to which one is your favorite gaming platform. If you don´t have a favorite, then the PS VR has a small edge over its competitor due to its cheaper price, and with a bit of tinkering, you can connect it to Steam as well.

However, the Rift full-body tracking gives a more immersive experience than Sony´s alternative. If you are more interested in taking advantage of the technology to its fullest and don´t mind the steeper price tag, the Rift S is the alternative for more hardcore VR fans.

Interested in either of them? then you can check them out on Amazon by following these links:

We also have a page with all the other VR headsets, their bundles, and accessories for both the PC and the PlayStation. We also have another infographic explaining how to use a PS4 controller on PC, check it out! We also have a comparison between the Oculus Quest and the Valve Index.

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