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How to connect the Elite controller to your PC

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Elite controller is Microsoft´s premium gamepad. With textured grips, quality materials, and extra paddles, it is the best official Xbox controller in everything but it´s the price. It is no wonder that you might want to use it to play on other platforms, like a computer. Can you do it?

Can you connect your Elite controller to a computer?

There are a few ways to connect your Elite controller to a computer. The priciest but perhaps the simplest alternative is to buy an Xbox One Wireless Adapter, although it only works if you have Windows 10. If you have an older OS, the adapter will not work.

Using it is simple. Plug it in and install its driver (if it doesn´t install automatically) and then your computer should be able to detect all Xbox One´s controllers in its vicinity while this dongle is plugged in. Press the sync button on the adapter, wait for the light to turn on, and then press the same sync button on your controller. Congratulations, you can now use the Elite on PC.

You shouldn't (barring some bug or compatibility issue) need to do anything else to enjoy playing games with your Elite on the PC.

If you rather save the controller´s battery (along with some cash) and not play wirelessly, then you can plug in your Elite controller directly to the PC. You will need a USB cable that is capable of transmitting power and data along both devices.

Your Elite controller should already have come with such a braided cable, but in case you lost it, you can buy a spare here (USB C to A) for the Series 2. As you can see, each version of the Elite controller uses a different cable, so make sure to buy the right one for your gamepad.

To play, plug one end of the cable in the port atop of your gamepad and the other to a free USB port on your computer. Your PC should detect the controller and let you play games with your Elite.

Isn't there a way to use your Elite controller that doesn´t require an additional accessory? Most devices nowadays can connect to a machine via Bluetooth, can you do the same with the Elite?


Does the Elite Controller have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Elite controller does have Bluetooth, but only the Series 2 controller. Series 1 Elite gamepads don't have it.

The Series 1 was released in 2015, and so it lacks Bluetooth support, as it wasn´t that important of a feature back then. Series 2 released in 2019, so it does have it, along with a USB C port instead of the micro USB port of its predecessor.

This means that you can connect a Series 2 controller by simply turning on Bluetooth on your computer and pairing it up like any other wireless device, like a pair of headphones or even its competitors the Dualshock, and even the Pro Controller.

Its predecessor lacks this ability and can only be connected by the other two aforementioned methods that require an external accessory.

If you bought your Elite controller recently and don´t know which series it is, then it´s probably Series 2, as the old model is discontinued and usually sold used. If you are still unsure, check what USB port that it has. If it is a USB-C port, then it´s a Series 2. if it´s a micro USB port, it´s a Series 1.

So, if you have a Series 2, you might be wondering if you can use it to connect to other Bluetooth devices, like...

Can you connect an Elite controller to an Android phone?

Yes, as we explained in this guide, you can connect pretty much all Bluetooth gamepads to android phones, and the Elite controller (Series 2) is no exception.

If you follow the same steps explained in that article, you can play Fortnite, Call of Duty, or any other gamepad-compatible game on your phone. Sadly the same can´t be said about its competition...

Can you connect an Elite controller to an iPhone?

You can´t. The iPhone is simply incompatible with the Elite controller, be it Series 1 or 2. You can try to replicate the same steps to connect it to iOs that we explained in the aforementioned guide to connect the gamepad to and android, but it won´t work.

You might have heard the contrary, read some news about Apple finally letting you play with Xbox controllers on iOS. This is true for the One S gamepad only, all other Microsoft´s controllers are (as of June 2020) not compatible with iPhones, and can´t be used to play games on them.

In summary

Can you connect an Elite controller to a computer? Yes, either with an adapter like this one, by plugging it directly to your PC with a USB cable or with Bluetooth. This last alternative is only available if you have a Series 2 controller.

The Series 2 controller has Bluetooth, while its predecessor lacks it. This allows it to connect to an Android phone, but not an iPhone. It is also compatible with both Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X. You might want one for the new generation of Xbox, as the official Xbox controller still uses AA batteries, unlike the internal power source of the Elite.

And that's it! If you want to have a step-by-step guide on how to connect your controller wirelessly without an adapter, check out our guide here. It´s for the Pro Controller, but it follows pretty much the same steps for the Elite.

If you are interested, we also have a guide on how to connect a Kinect to your computer.


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